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Haswell Mopane Wood Headjoint

New Haswell Mopane Wood Headjoint

Arthur Haswell Mopane Wooden Headjoint

Tube: Mopane Thinned
Lip Plate:  Mopane
Riser:  Mopane
Cut :  Standard

Hand Crafted in the UK workshop of Arthur Haswell using traditional methods.
Fittings are silver.
Stoppers are phosphor bronze made at different weights and matched to individual headjoints, each sealed with an O-ring.
We cut the embouchure holes to retain just enough resistance, so the player has something to push against. This allows the  development of an individual response and sound.

Each headjoint is supplied in a wooden case handmade for us by Chris Raven.

Head joint
MaterialMopane Thinned tube Mopane Riser 925 Silver tenon
CaseHandmade Wooden box by Chris Raven
  • Brand: Nagahara
  • Product Code: Haswell Mopane wood Head joint
  • Availability: In Stock
  • AU$3,000.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$2,727.27

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