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Harmony Flutes

Harmony Flutes

Beyond the familiar C flute are a hole family of flutes in variying sizes.

Regularly used in flute choirs, film scores, Jazz and  classical, the flute player has a wide range of timbre's and pitches to choose from

Treble flutes in G                   pitched between piccolo and flute

Alto flute in G

Bass Flute in C

Contra-bass flute

Sub-contrabass flute

Hyper Bass flute

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Guo New Voice Bass Flute

Light weight Its light weight will be welcomed by some flutists and may re..

$3,300.00 Ex Tax: $3,000.00

Miyazawa SH -Alto flute

Alto flute with straight silver headjoint.Miyazawa alto flutes ..

$10,150.00 Ex Tax: $9,227.27

Miyazawa ST -Alto flute

Alto flute with straight silver head joint and silver body tube..

$12,300.00 Ex Tax: $11,181.82

Muramatsu Alto flute Pre-Order

Muramatsu Alto flute

Muramatsu offer one model of alto flute that simply leaves no r..

$14,540.00 Ex Tax: $13,218.18