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Miyazawa BR 703 RBE C# with Engraved Lip Plate & KeyworkThe Miyazawa BR 703 is a 98%..
Ex Tax: AU$12,136.36
Sankyo CF 201 RBESankyo's entry level model, the 201 offers an affordable entry into the world of ha..
Ex Tax: AU$4,727.27
TWG 500E Series IVSilver plated throughout to ensure the best start for a beginnerDesigned to offer ..
Ex Tax: AU$900.00
Kakulin FloraA free blowing , easy playing flute to provide a rewarding learning experience..
Ex Tax: AU$863.64
Pattillo, Greg Beatbox Flute Method Vol.1 Pre-Order
Greg Pattillo - Beatbox Flute Method Vol.1 Approx AMEB level: Grade 6Or an urge to beatboxCheck..
Ex Tax: AU$50.91
Muramatsu SR fluteThe top of the Muramatsu silver flute range The M..
Ex Tax: AU$22,718.18
Beaumont Large Microfibre Cleaning ClothLarge General purpose microfiber cleaning cloth.40cm x 30cm&..
Ex Tax: AU$19.09
Kawabe Flute FlagFinally clean every part of your flute properly!Super absorbent microfibre flute sw..
Ex Tax: AU$36.36
Hernandez Cocus Wood Flute Headjoint New
Hearnandez Cocus Wood Flute HeadjointTube: Cocus wood thinnedLip Plate:  Cocus woodRiser: ..
Ex Tax: AU$2,636.36
Haswell Grenadilla Wood Headjoint New
Arthur Haswell Grenadilla Wooden HeadjointTube: Grenadilla (African Blackwood) ThinnedLip Plate:&nbs..
Ex Tax: AU$2,727.27
Haswell Mopane Wood Headjoint New
Arthur Haswell Mopane Wooden HeadjointTube: Mopane ThinnedLip Plate:  MopaneRiser:  Mopane..
Ex Tax: AU$2,727.27
Miyazawa MJ-II   model50 New
MJ-II  by Miyazawamodel 50rbeThe new and redesigned Miyazawa intermediate rangeA si..
Ex Tax: AU$3,909.09
Miyazawa MJ-II   model30 New
MJ-II  by Miyazawamodel 30reThe new and redesigned Miyazawa entry rangeA student in..
Ex Tax: AU$2,090.91
Miyazawa MJ-II   model25 New
MJ-II  by Miyazawamodel 25eThe new and redesigned Miyazawa entry rangeA student ins..
Ex Tax: AU$1,386.36
Soft Neoprene plugs to suit 99% of open hole keys (French keys)Plug all 5 open holes while you pract..
Ex Tax: AU$7.27
Bamboo Internal Flute Swab · Highly absorbent lint free bamboo cloth· Stylishly designed for the fa..
Ex Tax: AU$18.18
Beaumont Small Microfiber Cleaning ClothGeneral purpose microfiber swab for cleaning your flute.25cm..
Ex Tax: AU$9.09
Pneumo Pro by BlockiThe patented Pneumo Pro has helped thousands of new flutists to quickly learn ho..
Ex Tax: AU$62.73
Folding flute standReliable and stable flute peg that packs away into ints own tube to easily fit in..
Ex Tax: AU$20.00
Muramatsu EX RCEAn inexpensive introduction to one of the World's most respected flutemakers. ..
Ex Tax: AU$5,545.45
40 Modern Studies for Solo Flute - James Rae Collection of Modern pieces from beginner to intermedi..
Ex Tax: AU$52.73
Sankyo Grenadilla Wood flute Pre-Order
Sankyo Wooden Flute   Grenadilla ( African black) wood flute Head joint Gr..
Ex Tax: AU$19,772.73
76 Graded Studies Book 1  (Harris & Adams) Faber Pre-Order
76 Graded Studies - Book 1 (Harris & Adams)Collection of studies ideal for the progressive flau..
Ex Tax: AU$27.27
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If George Clooney played piccolo...

If George Clooney played piccolo...

Mark 12/11/2017 0
If George Clooney played the piccolo ......... In a world of fake news, doubt  and confusion, there are some unassailable truths; George Clooney is a handsome man, I say that, not as an interested par...
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New Flute Tree online store and blog is here

New Flute Tree online store and blog is here

Mark 01/04/2017 0
Welcome to the new Flute Tree Blog and on-line store, our latest website, online store and resource for flute players far and wide. Since our first on-line presence in 1997, we have had plenty of time...
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A choir without singers

A choir without singers

Mark 10/02/2017 0
Do you love playing flute but find that work and other commitments get in the way of practice? Without others to share in the music, or an upcoming performance to keep you focused and enthusiastic, ev...
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