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Muramatsu Professional flute

The Muramatsu professional flute model Ds is possibly the most played professional flute in the world.

A massive rich pallette of tone colours,
Homogeounus scale
and mechanical reliability that position the Muramatsu professional flutes firmly in the range of best instruments to buy

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Muramatsu SR RBEC# Hvy

Muramatsu SR fluteThe top of the Muramatsu s..

AU$24,990.00 Ex Tax: AU$22,718.18

Muramatsu DS RBE-H Out Of Stock

Muramatsu DS RBE-H

Muramatsu DS RBE - HeavyThis is the flute that it is all..

AU$15,750.00 Ex Tax: AU$14,318.18

Muramatsu DS RBE-H - Pre Loved

Pre Loved Muramatsu DS RBE - HeavyThis is the flute tha..

AU$12,800.00 Ex Tax: AU$12,800.00

Muramatsu DS RBEC#-H

Muramatsu DS RBEC# -Heavy This is the flute that it is all about. T..

AU$17,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$16,000.00

Muramatsu PTP rbec#-H

The Muramatsu PTP is a powerhouse of a flute. Built upon the Muram..

AU$24,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$22,636.36

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