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Miyazawa Flutes

Miyazawa Flutes was founded in 1969 by Masashi Miyazawa. Mr. Miyazawa founded the company with a dream to create a better instrument. With his background in the design and manufacture of professional flutes, Miyazawa successfully brought together traditional craftsmanship with advanced technologies, a principle which still applies today. This dedication to the best of the old and the new gave birth to an instrument that exceeded even his lofty expectations.

Every Miyazawa flute is a fusion of time-etsted traditional techniques and groundbreaking advancements, handcrafted to meet your highest expectations. Miyazawa's consistent quality is matched by a commitment to choice. Play a Miyazawa and feel the freedom to communicate your own natural musical voice.

In 2005, Miyazawa introduced the Brögger System™. Designed by famed flutemaker Johan Brögger, the Brögger System™ features an innovative pinless mechanism allowing precise adjustments and balance of the spring tension of each individual key, resulting in a more even, effortless feel for the flutist.

Today, the Miyazawa flute is an instrument refined to the highest standards. With a Miyazawa, you will have complete confidence in your instrument and in the people who stand behind the name. Miyazawa is more than a flute, it's a community.You'll find Miyazawa flutists wherever you play - throughout the world and close to home.
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Miyazawa BR 402re

Special price- end of stock.The Miyazawa BR 402  constitut..

AU$6,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,000.00

Miyazawa BR 402rbe

The Miyazawa BR 402  constitutes a sigmificamt step up in ..

AU$7,300.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,636.36

Miyazawa BR 602rbe Pre-Order

Miyazawa BR 602rbe

The Miyazawa BR 602 is the big brother of the Sterling silver 4..

AU$8,290.00 Ex Tax: AU$7,536.36

Miyazawa BR 702rbe Pre-Order

Miyazawa BR 702rbe

The Miyazawa BR 702 is similar to the BR 602, but with a greate..

AU$8,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$7,818.18

Miyazawa BR 602rbeC# Pre-Order

Miyazawa BR 602rbeC#

The Miyazawa BR 602 is the big brother of the Sterling silver 402 mod..

AU$8,250.00 Ex Tax: AU$7,500.00