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Semi-Professional Flutes

Semi-Professional flutes are a professional standard of construction employing a variety of metals from silver tube and high quality silver plated keys through to “Y” arm solid silver mechanism.

brands & manufacturers
The Semi-Professional range leaves behind the manufacturers of
student level flutes and assures you of a high quality instrument, usually with the same specifications as handmade flutes but with slightly more machining involved to limit the high costs of labour- intensive hand crafting.

materials & mechanisms
Most mechanisms of intermediate flutes are made from nickel or German silver, a brass with a small nickel content added to make the mechanism harder. This is then silver plated. By featuring a mechanism of true silver and not silver plating, semi-professional flutes offer more opportunity to repair damage and wear. The
malleable nature of sterling silver allows the repairer to stretch and reshape the keywork without fracturing or the need for re-plating, greatly prolonging the instrument’s life.

timbre & response
Any instrument in this range may be purchased with the confidence of knowing they benefit from a very high standard of construction.
All the instruments offer a flexibility of tone to develop your own character of sound but each brand does have a different starting point or base from where the player starts. From the bright vibrant Sankyo sound through to the dark rich sound of the Muramatsu.

All semi-professional instruments come complete with cleaning equipment: wooden cleaning stick, swab and polishing cloth, case and manufacturer’s case cover where available. A Saxem shoulder bag is also available at a special 30% discount with a new instrument at the time of purchase.

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Muramatsu Gx rbe

Muramatsu flutes a renowned for their rich tone and homogenous ..

AU$8,650.00 Ex Tax: AU$7,863.64

Muramatsu Gx rce

Sharing the same silver body as the professional Muramatsu Ds. ..

AU$7,400.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,727.27

Sankyo CF 301 rbe

Second level of the sankyo range, with sterling silver head and body tube, ..

AU$7,200.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,545.45

Sankyo CF 301 rce Pre-Order

Sankyo CF 301 rce

Sankyo CF 301 rceSecond level of the sankyo range, with sterling silver hea..

AU$6,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,000.00

Sankyo CF 401 rbe

All silver flute from Sankyo Sterling silver throughout with silver plated..

AU$9,100.00 Ex Tax: AU$8,272.73

Sankyo CF 401 rce Pre-Order

Sankyo CF 401 rce

All silver flute from Sankyo Sterling silver throughout with silver plated..

AU$7,800.00 Ex Tax: AU$7,090.91

Sankyo Crystal Light rbe

By reducing the weight of the mechanism on this special "Crysta..

AU$9,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$9,000.00

Miyazawa BR 402re

Special price- end of stock.The Miyazawa BR 402  constitut..

AU$6,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,000.00

Miyazawa BR 402rbe

The Miyazawa BR 402  constitutes a sigmificamt step up in ..

AU$7,300.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,636.36

Miyazawa BR 602rbe Pre-Order

Miyazawa BR 602rbe

The Miyazawa BR 602 is the big brother of the Sterling silver 4..

AU$7,500.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,818.18

Miyazawa BR 602rbeC# Pre-Order

Miyazawa BR 602rbeC#

The Miyazawa BR 602 is the big brother of the Sterling silver 402 mod..

AU$8,250.00 Ex Tax: AU$7,500.00