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Alto Flute

ALTO Flutes

Never before have the big flutes been so affordable.
Alto Flute, pitched in G, has a wonderfully rich mellow tone. Employed extensively in jazz and contemporary music, adding a new dimension to flute ensembles.
Bass Flute and even Contra Bass flute are proving very popular extensions of the flute player’s artillery.

tonal response
Alto Flutes are available in both straight and curved models, The straight model is described as having a brighter and more penetrating sound, carrying the rich timbre of these instruments further and louder.

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Muramatsu Alto flute Pre-Order

Muramatsu Alto flute

Muramatsu offer one model of alto flute that simply leaves no r..

AU$14,540.00 Ex Tax: AU$13,218.18

Miyazawa SH -Alto flute

Alto flute with straight silver headjoint.Miyazawa alto flutes ..

AU$10,150.00 Ex Tax: AU$9,227.27

Sankyo Alto Flute AF101

Sankyo Alto Flute AF 101Alto flute with straight silver headjoint.Ste..

AU$12,599.99 Ex Tax: AU$11,454.54