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Entry Level Flutes

Entry Level Flutes

Student Flute is a term often used to indicate an inexpensive instrument.
At Flute Tree we believe a student flute needs to be more than simply low priced. Important criteria must be met to give the beginner a good chance to become a player and ensure fair return when selling or trading up.

ease of blowing
Making a sound is probably the hardest aspect of beginning to play. Frustration at having difficulty in blowing is sure to result in a beginner giving up. “Quick articulation” and “free blowing” describe a more forgiving flute which still plays loudly despite air not being accurately directed across the headjoint.

strength of construction
Over 20 years experience has given us a rare insight into the construction of the various flutes available. Based on ability to withstand the knocks and bangs taken for granted with students, the brands we offer have proven themselves to be the most durable and repairable instruments available.

reliability of adjustment
The flute is a very precise machine with fast moving parts and many exact simultaneous movements necessary for it to perform correctly. It’s essential for us to continue to service, adjust and regulate the flute, continually returning it to as new playing condition. Our brands are chosen for their ability to be repaired and guaranteed for years to come.

quality of tone
As musicians, the ultimate criterion for us is the beauty of the sound made by the instrument. Control over volume is needed for a loud, mellow low register and a soft, rich high register; all our models are chosen for this flexibility. People’s tastes vary and there is no single correct flute sound, so we offer brands exhibiting dark thick timbre through to those with bright and light tones, all in the free, less resistant playing style needed by students.


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TWG 500E Series IV

TWG 500E Series IVSilver plated throughout to ensure the best start for a b..

AU$990.00 Ex Tax: AU$900.00

Viento Left Handed flute New

Viento Left Handed flute

Viento Left handed fluteSilver plated throughout to ensure the best start f..

AU$1,100.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,000.00

Yamaha YFL-212

Yamaha YFL 212EYamaha's new and improved beginner model flute, with pointed..

AU$890.00 Ex Tax: AU$809.09

Kakulin Flora

Kakulin FloraA free blowing , easy playing flute to provide a rewa..

AU$949.00 Ex Tax: AU$862.73

Guo Ame I+

With an eye to modern design and an ear to the requirement..

AU$845.00 Ex Tax: AU$768.18

Guo Ame I+ Open hole -10% Out Of Stock

Guo Ame I+ Open hole

With an eye to modern design and an ear to the requirement..

AU$1,000.00 AU$900.00 Ex Tax: AU$818.18

TWG Curved Headjoint

If the enthusiasm is there, no need to wait for a player to grow, they can ..

AU$210.00 Ex Tax: AU$190.91

Guo Tocco Flute Pre-Order

Guo Tocco Flute

Light weight Its light weight will be welcomed by some flutists and may re..

AU$700.00 Ex Tax: AU$636.36

Guo Shining Piper Fife

Lots of fun for beginner or accomplished playerLight weightIts light weight..

AU$160.00 Ex Tax: AU$145.45

Miyazawa MJ-101E

A student instrument a cut above. Considered design and qua..

AU$1,100.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,000.00