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Anti Tarnish Strips - Hagerty Pack of 8

Anti Tarnish Strips -  Hagerty Pack of 8

Anti Tarnish Strips from Hagerty Pack of 8

($2.50 ea incl gst)
Place a single strip in your flute case to slow the progress of tarnishing on Silver or silver plated instruments.
 Difficult to know how often to change the strip. If in an enclosed box not opened regularly, one strip every 6 months.
In an instrument case that is opened daily one strip every 4 weeks?

From one of Americas oldest and most well known jewelery care companies, Hagerty
Hagerty Silver Protection Strips were developed to neutralize tarnish-causing sulfur gases inside enclosed storage or display areas—keeping polished silver shining and ready for immediate use for up to six full months. Ideal for china cabinets, drawers, closets, and jewelry boxes..
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