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Sankyo Professional flutes

The key features of the ultimate professional flute are embodied in the design and crafting of the Sankyo professional range of flutes.

A range of precious materials crafted with Sankyo  precision and beauty to create a flute that epitomises the characteristics of a flutes tone.

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Sankyo CF 601 rbe

Fully hand made, sterling silver flute. Handmade pointed arm mechanism Ha..

AU$14,300.00 Ex Tax: AU$13,000.00

Sankyo CF 901 rbe Out Of Stock

Sankyo CF 901 rbe

As the purity of the silver increases so the complexity of tona..

AU$18,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$16,909.09

Sankyo DN RBE

Sankyo DN RBE Second Hand Pre-loved Sankyo Sterling Silver fluteSt..

AU$4,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$4,454.55

Sankyo wood flute MJ

Sankyo Wooden Flute   Grenadilla ( African black) w..

AU$19,750.00 Ex Tax: AU$17,954.55

Sankyo CF 601 RBE

Sankyo CF 601 RBE- Flute currently in stock with full engraving -Sankyo's f..

AU$14,990.00 Ex Tax: AU$13,627.27