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The World’s Finest There’s a small group of flutemakers so highly respected it’s impossible to simply buy their instruments off the shelf – you must place an order anywhere from 12 months to 3 years in advance. Currency fluctuates, freight costs change. You pay the maker in advance and hope that when it arrives you like it.

Flute Tree has changed all that. We stock the world’s most prized instruments for you to play and compare, then simply buy the one you like assured by the full support of Australia’s leading flute workshop.

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Brannen Brothers Flute

Brannen Cooper Brögger System Flute American Flute-makers Brannen-Cooper h..

AU$24,250.00 Ex Tax: AU$22,045.45

Lillian Burkart Handmade (Pre-Loved)

Lillian Burkart Handmade Flute5/95 Body tube (5% Platinum and 950Ag Britann..

AU$17,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$17,000.00

Muramatsu SR RBEC# -H Pre-Order

Muramatsu SR RBEC# -H

Muramatsu SR flute The top of the Muramatsu silver flute ra..

AU$22,449.90 Ex Tax: AU$20,409.00

Muramatsu PTP rbec#-H

The Muramatsu PTP is a monster of a flute. Built upon the Muramats..

AU$21,990.00 Ex Tax: AU$19,990.91

Muramatsu 14K-9K rbeC# Pre-Order

Muramatsu 14K-9K rbeC#

A beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Complete with ..

AU$48,999.50 Ex Tax: AU$44,545.00