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Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning cloths, swabs, sticks, pull-throughs

All you need to clean and maintain your flute or piccolo

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Beaumont Bamboo Flute Swab

Bamboo Internal Flute Swab · Highly absorbent lint free bamboo· Stylishly ..

AU$12.50 Ex Tax: AU$11.36

Beaumont cleaning cloth - LARGE

Beaumont Large Microfibre Cleaning ClothLarge General purpose microfiber cl..

AU$14.50 Ex Tax: AU$13.18

Beaumont cleaning cloth - SMALL

Beaumont Small Microfiber Cleaning ClothGeneral purpose microfiber swab for..

AU$10.00 Ex Tax: AU$9.09

BG Flute Head Swab

Microfibre flute headjoint cleaning kit fromFrank Bichon, France.Fits over ..

AU$21.95 Ex Tax: AU$19.95

BG Piccolo Cleaning ProPack Pre-Order

BG Piccolo Cleaning ProPack

Complete cleaning kit for your piccolo fromFrank Bichon, France.IncludesCle..

AU$49.95 Ex Tax: AU$45.41

BG Piccolo Swab 2 - 3 Days

BG Piccolo Swab

Microfibre piccolo pull through fromFrank Bichon, France...

AU$31.95 Ex Tax: AU$29.05

BG Silk Piccolo Swab Pre-Order

BG Silk Piccolo Swab

Silk piccolo pull through fromFrank Bichon, France...

AU$23.95 Ex Tax: AU$21.77

Hodge Silk Flute Swab

Absorbent silk swab for use with your flute cleaning rod.Shaped for optimum..

AU$17.50 Ex Tax: AU$15.91

Hodge Silk Piccolo Swab

Absorbent silk swab for use with your piccolo cleaning rod.Shaped for optim..

AU$15.00 Ex Tax: AU$13.64

Kawabe flag Piccolo  Performer set New

Kawabe flag Piccolo Performer set

The complete set for the performer to clean their piccolo bore.Easily remov..

AU$75.00 Ex Tax: AU$68.18

Kawabe Flute Flag

Finally clean every part of your flute properly!Super absorbent microfi..

AU$30.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.27

Kawabe Flute Mat

Ideal for resting your flute on between practice sessions, the Kawabe Flute..

AU$70.00 Ex Tax: AU$63.64

Kawabe Swab Pouch

Cleaning your flute has never been easier!A single or double sided swab pou..

AU$30.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.27

Piccolo swab stick New

Piccolo swab stick

Beech Wood cleaning stick for piccolo - By Hammig Eye to thread piccolo cl..

AU$25.00 Ex Tax: AU$22.73

TWG swab stick

Wooden cleaning stick so as not to scratch. Eye to thread cleaning cloth/s..

AU$9.00 Ex Tax: AU$8.18

Willows Invisible Lip Guard

Safe  membrane to protect you from the dreaded "Black Lip"Pack of 9&nb..

AU$12.95 Ex Tax: AU$11.77