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Step-Up Flutes

Step-Up Flutes

Step up flutes

Take the beginner flute player just that little bit further. A step up flute takes the basic design and affordability of the student instrument and offer a larger range of configuration and sonoral options.
If you are looking to buy a step up flute, we simplify your choice by ruling out unreliable, badly made and poor sounding flutes, so  you can select from Australia’s largest range of the world’s top brands.

All options are usually available at this level.but the most usual  requirements are
Open hole
Offset G , Emechanism
B or C foot joint
Sterling silver headjoint
Plugs for open hole keys and B foot joint are available on most models for trial and comparison.

tonal response
Substitution of solid silver tube for the body and/or headjoint helps a player develop a bigger, more complex tone with greater projection. Although a poor design isn’t improved merely by making it from precious metal; design and manufacture must also be of a higher standard. Flute Tree simplifies your choice by selecting only brands offering a true, quality, intermediate level flute at a realistic price.

This level of instrument usually comes standard with a 925 (sterling) silver headjoint.
Factory headjoints are designed to be forgiving and generic in their performance. Free blowing and easy to articulate, the head-joint plays very well, but more variety can be achieved by upgrading the instrument with a hand made headjoint if you wish.

Here we present the best step up flutes for sale, If you are looking to buy a step up flute these are the pick of the crop

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Pearl Dolce PF 695rbe

Displaying a higher build quality than the standard 'Quantz' ra..

AU$2,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,636.36

TWG 600rbe IV -6%

TWG 600rbe IV

When it comes to 'bang for your bucks' this instrument punches way above it..

AU$1,895.00 AU$1,775.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,613.64

TWG 600re IV -8%

TWG 600re IV

When it comes to 'bang for your bucks' this instrument punches way above it..

AU$1,595.00 AU$1,475.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,340.91

Yamaha YFL-371RBE

Yamaha YFL-371 RBEThe Yamaha brand needs no introduction. While not the mos..

AU$1,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,454.55

Miyazawa MJ-101-SRBE Pre-Order

Miyazawa MJ-101-SRBE

A student instrument a cut above. Including open hole (French) ..

AU$2,125.20 Ex Tax: AU$1,932.00