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Professional Flutes

Our carefully curated selection of the finest professional handmade flutes available in the world. This range is where Flute Tree excels – our extensive knowledge as flutemakers & flausists, and our personal relationship with the world’s leading flutemakers, means we offer the largest choice and variety of professional instruments in Australia. We can help you tailor your choice to find the best fit for you.

Professional Flutes meet exacting standards set by professionals. The mechanism and resonating tube can be constructed from silver, gold, platinum & combination alloys, offering a large palette of tone colours and durability.

Precision construction

This level affords tighter tolerances in construction, greater quality control and an overall level of fine attention to detail which ensures the player an exact feel, increased accuracy of adjustment and the ability to fine tune the spring tension and movement of the keys.
Each flute can be can be tailored to your specific needs regarding spring tension, key height and adjustment.

Accuracy of assembly makes the simultaneous movement of many of the keys much more precise, giving the most exact regulation possible. Many high level professional flutes also eliminate adjusting screws, enhancing long lasting high precision adjustment.

Silver / Gold mechanism
Precious metal keys give durability not found with inexpensive base metal and silver plating. As a flute ages the tubing can be stretched, removing any wear and giving the instrument a limitless life span.

Professional instruments offer an extended range of optional
mechanisms: C# trill, G to A trill, half offset G, etc.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you find your dream flute.


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Brannen Brothers Flute Pre-Order

Brannen Brothers Flute

Brannen Cooper Brögger System Flute American Flute-makers Brannen-Cooper h..

AU$30,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$28,090.91

Flute Masters Company M925 RBEC# Pre-Order

Flute Masters Company M925 RBEC#

Flute Masters Company M925 RBEC# Flute Flute Masters Japan are a small, bo..

AU$19,850.00 Ex Tax: AU$19,850.00

Flute Masters Company M970 RBEC#

Flute Masters Company M970 RBEC# Flute Flute Masters Japan are a small, bo..

AU$21,950.00 Ex Tax: AU$21,950.00

Flute Masters Company S925 RBE Pre-Order

Flute Masters Company S925 RBE

Flute Masters Company S925 RBE Flute Flute Masters Japan are a small, bout..

AU$16,950.00 Ex Tax: AU$16,950.00

Muramatsu SR RBEC# Hvy

Muramatsu SR fluteThe top of the Muramatsu s..

AU$24,990.00 Ex Tax: AU$22,718.18

Nagahara 950 RBEC#D# Handmade Flute

Nagahara 950 RBEC#D# Nagahara Handmade custom flute in 95% Britannia Silve..

AU$28,500.00 Ex Tax: AU$25,909.09

Sankyo Grenadilla Wood flute Pre-Order

Sankyo Grenadilla Wood flute

Sankyo Wooden Flute   Grenadilla ( African black) w..

AU$21,750.00 Ex Tax: AU$19,772.73


Miyazawa CRESTA  958 RBEProfessional FluteProfessional hand made flute..

AU$19,990.00 Ex Tax: AU$18,172.73

Muramatsu DS RBE-H Out Of Stock

Muramatsu DS RBE-H

Muramatsu DS RBE - HeavyThis is the flute that it is all..

AU$15,750.00 Ex Tax: AU$14,318.18

Muramatsu DS RBE-H - Pre Loved

Pre Loved Muramatsu DS RBE - HeavyThis is the flute tha..

AU$12,800.00 Ex Tax: AU$12,800.00

Muramatsu 9K/Ag RBEC#

Muramatsu 9k/Ag RBEC# Flute One of the finest professional flutes avai..

AU$37,500.00 Ex Tax: AU$34,090.91

Muramatsu DS RBEC#-H

Muramatsu DS RBEC# -Heavy This is the flute that it is all about. T..

AU$17,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$16,000.00

Sankyo CF 601 RBE Pre-Order

Sankyo CF 601 RBE

Sankyo CF 601 RBE- Flute currently in stock with full engraving -Sankyo's f..

AU$18,400.00 Ex Tax: AU$16,727.27

Muramatsu PTP rbec#-H

The Muramatsu PTP is a powerhouse of a flute. Built upon the Muram..

AU$24,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$22,636.36

Sankyo ST RBEC# - Pre-Loved

Sankyo ST RBEC# - Used flute Pre Loved Sankyo ST RBEC# S..

AU$9,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$8,181.82

Miyazawa BR 958 Type I rbeC# Out Of Stock

Miyazawa BR 958 Type I rbeC#

Professional hand made flute with Britannia silver (958Ag) tubi..

AU$13,200.00 Ex Tax: AU$12,000.00

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