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Flute Masters Company M970 RBEC#

Flute Masters Company M970 RBEC#

Flute Masters Company M970 RBEC# Flute

Flute Masters Japan are a small, boutique company that handcrafts custom, boutique flutes to the highest level.

World renowned craftsmen Yoichi Nijima crafts fine handmade flutes in the Louis Lot style, with seamed tube and many innovative design features.

This particular flute is their Master Made handmade 970 silver flute, complete with seamed tube & soldered 970 silver tone holes.


970 Silver Handmade Headjoint

970 Silver Body tube

970 Silver Handmade Mechanism

Soldered 970 Silver toneholes

Sterling silver rings, ribs and posts

Seamed Tube

Open hole, offset G, split E mechanism, B foot joint, C# trill

Open / Closed holeOpen hole
Offset / In-line GOffset G
Split E mechanismSplit E Mechanism
Foot jointB footjoint
C# TrillYes
Head joint
MaterialSilver (970 Ag)
ThicknessStandard 0.16" tubing
Cut / DesignFMC Handmade Standard Cut
MaterialSilver (970 Ag)
ThicknessStandard 0.16" tubing
DesignSoldered 970 Ag Toneholes
Material970 silver handmade mechanism
DesignFlute Masters design
CaseFMC French Style Case
Case coverFMC black nylon with strap
  • AU$21,950.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$21,950.00

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