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Flutes for Sale

Sankyo CF 201 RCESankyo's entry level mode, the 201 offers an affordable entry into the world of han..
Ex Tax: AU$3,818.18
TWG 500E Series IVSilver plated throughout to ensure the best start for a beginnerDesigned to offer ..
Ex Tax: AU$900.00
Altus 1007 CCE (Pre Loved) 925 Sterling silver headjoint and body tube, silver plated french po..
Ex Tax: AU$3,800.00
Brannen Brothers Flute Pre-Order
Brannen Cooper Brögger System Flute Now taking pre-orders for our next Brannen Flute - delivery TBA..
Ex Tax: AU$22,045.45
Burkart & Phelan  FluteSterling Silver headjoint, body and mechanism. Drawn tone holes, ope..
Ex Tax: AU$8,500.00
Flute Masters Company M925 RBEC# Flute Flute Masters Japan are a small, boutique company that handc..
Ex Tax: AU$19,850.00
Bulgheroni Y601 - R - GS Palisander New Pre-Order
Bulgheroni Y601-R-GS PalisanderBeautifully handcrafted in Como Italy from selected Palisander wood.T..
Ex Tax: AU$12,954.55
Bolling C. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio SC/PTS New
Bolling C. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio SC/PTS..
Ex Tax: AU$80.00
Quantz J.  Six Duets for Two Flutes Op 2 Volume 2 (IMC) New Out Of Stock
Johann Joachim Quantz - Six Duets for Two Flutes Op. 2 Volume 2 (IMC)..
Ex Tax: AU$50.00
Marcel Moyse - Voice of the Flute New
Marcel Moyse - Voice of the Flute Ann McCutchan..
Ex Tax: AU$46.36
Dictionary For The Modern Flutist New
Dictionary For The Modern Flutist - Susan J. MacLaganForeword by Trevor Wye..
Ex Tax: AU$140.91
Di Zhao DZA100S Alto Flute New
Di Zhao A100S Alto Flute A fantastic, affordable alto flute with a great projection and easy respon..
Ex Tax: AU$3,181.82
Beaumont Small Microfiber Cleaning ClothGeneral purpose microfiber swab for cleaning your flute.25cm..
Ex Tax: AU$9.09
Bamboo Internal Flute Swab · Highly absorbent lint free bamboo· Stylishly designed for the fashion ..
Ex Tax: AU$11.36
Safe  membrane to protect you from the dreaded "Black Lip"Pack of 9 Transparent lip guard ..
Ex Tax: AU$14.50
Beaumont Large Microfibre Cleaning ClothLarge General purpose microfiber cleaning cloth.40cm x 30cm&..
Ex Tax: AU$13.18
Solexa Thumbport for FluteThe Solexa Thumbport is designed to assist the flute player in positioning..
Ex Tax: AU$34.55
Soft Neoprene plugs to suit 99% of open hole keys (French keys)Plug all 5 open holes while you pract..
Ex Tax: AU$7.27
Sankyo Grenadilla Wood flute Pre-Order
Sankyo Wooden Flute   Grenadilla ( African black) wood flute Head joint Gr..
Ex Tax: AU$17,954.55
Muramatsu PTP rbec#-H Pre-Order
The Muramatsu PTP is a powerhouse of a flute. Built upon the Muramatsu Ds model sterling si..
Ex Tax: AU$20,590.91
Muramatsu EX RCEAn inexpensive introduction to one of the World's most respected flutemakers. ..
Ex Tax: AU$5,545.45
Miyazawa PB 102 REEmploying the very latest Partial Brogger mechanism, the Miyazawa 102 presen..
Ex Tax: AU$3,318.18
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If George Clooney played piccolo...

If George Clooney played piccolo...

Mark 12/11/2017 0
If George Clooney played the piccolo ......... In a world of fake news, doubt  and confusion, there are some unassailable truths; George Clooney is a handsome man, I say that, not as an interested par...
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New Flute Tree online store and blog is here

New Flute Tree online store and blog is here

Mark 01/04/2017 0
Welcome to the new Flute Tree Blog and on-line store, our latest website, online store and resource for flute players far and wide. Since our first on-line presence in 1997, we have had plenty of time...
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A choir without singers

A choir without singers

Mark 10/02/2017 0
Do you love playing flute but find that work and other commitments get in the way of practice? Without others to share in the music, or an upcoming performance to keep you focused and enthusiastic, ev...
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