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Flutes for Sale

Mateki Sterling Silver Used Headjoint with 18k Gold Riser Tube: 925 Sterling SilverLip Plate: 925 St..
Ex Tax: AU$1,363.64
Nagahara Britannia Silver Headjoint with 14K Gold riser Pre-Order
Nagahara Britannia Silver Headjoint with Sterling Silver Lip Plate and 14K Gold riserTube: 950 Brita..
Ex Tax: AU$3,545.45
Francois Doppler - Flote in SalonA collection of three works:Berceuse op. 15Mazurka de Salon op. 16N..
Ex Tax: AU$36.36
LISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUY Approx AMEB Grade 7-8. This Schocker classic, is well known and much ..
Ex Tax: AU$40.00
Intelli IDM 700 Digital Metronome Pre-Order
Intelli Digital Metronome - IDM-700with Pitch generatorTempo Range: 40 to 216 BPMBeat range: 0,2,3,4..
Ex Tax: AU$81.82
Traditionally known as "Handmade" this solid silver tube flute has silver soldered tone holes and po..
Ex Tax: AU$3,090.91
Beaumont Small Microfiber Cleaning ClothGeneral purpose microfiber swab for cleaning your flute.25cm..
Ex Tax: AU$9.09
Large General purpose microfiber cleaning cloth.40cm x 30cm  Ideal as an efficient and stylish ..
Ex Tax: AU$13.18
Beaumont Flute Case CoverThese bags are sophisticated and stylish, and transform any flute into..
Ex Tax: AU$72.73
Liz Goodwin - Fife Book Childrens companion tutor (and colouring book) for the Yamaha fife..
Ex Tax: AU$16.91
Folding flute standReliable and stable flute peg that packs away into ints own tube to easily fit in..
Ex Tax: AU$20.00
The patented Pneumo Pro has helped thousands of new flutists to quickly learn how to have a beauti..
Ex Tax: AU$47.27
Viento Left Handed flute New
Viento Left handed fluteSilver plated throughout to ensure the best start for a beginnerBoth curved ..
Ex Tax: AU$1,000.00
Miyazawa BR 702rbe New Pre-Order
The Miyazawa BR 702 is similar to the BR 602, but with a greater purity of silver to add..
Ex Tax: AU$7,818.18
100 Classical Studies For Flute (Vester) New
A collection of 100 classical flute studies Approximate grade: AMEB Grades 4 - 6Examination boardGra..
Ex Tax: AU$47.27
Sankyo Alto Flute AF101 New
Sankyo Alto Flute AF 101Alto flute with straight silver headjoint.Sterling silver (925 Ag) hea..
Ex Tax: AU$11,454.54
Quantz J. Collection of 6 Sonatas Op. 1 Vol. 1 (1-3) New
Johann Joachim Quantz - Collection of 6 Sonatas Op. 1 Vol. 1Including:Sonata in A MinorSonata in Bb ..
Ex Tax: AU$50.00
Doppler F. Andante & Rondo Op 25 For 2 Flutes (IMC) New
Francois Doppler - Andante & Rondo for Two Flutes and PianoComposed to showcase the talents of t..
Ex Tax: AU$30.00
Muramatsu 14K-9K rbeC# Pre-Order
A beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Complete with Tsubasa headjoint, this f..
Ex Tax: AU$44,545.00
Sankyo Crystal Light rbe Pre-Order
By reducing the weight of the mechanism on this special "Crystal Light" model, Sankyo ha..
Ex Tax: AU$9,000.00
LefreQue - Sterling Silver Out Of Stock
LefreQue - a sound bridge for your wind instrumentFrom a sound quality perspective, the tube of your..
Ex Tax: AU$268.18
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New Flute Tree online store and blog is here

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