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Childrens companion tutor ( and colouring book) for the Yamaha fife..
text_tax $28.18
Basic description and level (grade) 8LISTEN HERE..
text_tax $10.00
The Miyazawa BR 402  constitutes a sigmificamt step up in flute quality. Sterli..
text_tax $6,636.36
LISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUY A famous collection of studies. If you want to take your technique t..
text_tax $45.45
A very affordable entry level piccolo with tone, projection and intonation that will suprise. Ideal..
text_tax $904.55
General purpose microfiber swab for cleaning your flute.25cm x 25cm  Ideal as an efficient and ..
text_tax $7.27
A flute bag / cover to hold your flute hard case and cleaning equipmentfits most french style cases...
text_tax $50.00
Beaumont flute case -Cfoot 2 - 3 Days
Foam molded interior and patterned fabric exterior complete with sholder strap. Case and case cover..
text_tax $54.55
Pneumo Pro 2 - 3 Days
The patented Pneumo Pro has helped thousands of new flutists to quickly learn how to have a beauti..
text_tax $36.27
Clarke, Ian - TRKs for Flute & Electronics (with CD) New
Ian Clarke's TRKs for Flute and Electronics (with CD)An individual and dramatic piece….sort of, but ..
text_tax $34.14
Zoller K.  Modern Orchestra Studies Bk 1 (Schott) New
Moderne Orchester Studien - Zöller Band 1 Basic description and level (grade) Concerto..
text_tax $39.05
Miyazawa BR 958 Type I rbe New
Professional hand made flute with Britannia silver (958Ag) tubing throughout giving a wa..
text_tax $11,809.09
Miyazawa BR 402re New
Miyazawa BR 402 re flute The Miyazawa BR 402  constitutes a significant step up in flute q..
text_tax $6,090.91
Miyazawa BR 402rbe New
Miyazawa BR 402 rbe flute The Miyazawa BR 402  constitutes a significamt step up in flute..
text_tax $6,727.27
Miyazawa PB 102rbe New
Miyazawa PB-102rbe flute Employing the very latest Partial Brogger mechanism, the Miyazawa 102 ..
text_tax $3,545.45
Muramatsu 14K-9K rbeC# Out Of Stock
A beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Complete with Tsubasa headjoint, this f..
text_tax $44,545.00
Sankyo Crystal Light rbe Out Of Stock
By reducing the weight of the mechanism on this special "Crystal Light" model, Sankyo ha..
text_tax $8,454.55
Sterling Silver lefreque..
text_tax $268.82
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New Flute Tree online store and blog is here

New Flute Tree online store and blog is here

admin-opencart 01/04/2017 0
Welcome to the new Flute Tree Blog and on-line store, our latest website, online store and resource for flute players far and wide. Since our first on-line presence in 1997, we have had plenty of time...
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Adelaide Flute Day - We get Around !

Adelaide Flute Day - We get Around !

Mark 29/03/2017 0
It's true, we do get around! and this Saturday isAdelaide Flute DaySaturday 1st April 9:30 - 4:30 Hawthorn Community Centre 5 Frimley Grove, Hawthorn 5062  The flute world is changing Old, known brand...
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A choir without singers

A choir without singers

admin-opencart 10/02/2017 0
Do you love playing flute but find that work and other commitments get in the way of practice? Without others to share in the music, or an upcoming performance to keep you focused and enthusiastic, ev...
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