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Nuvo Instrumental

Nuvo Instrumental have a mission to enable kids from all walks of life to experience the power of making music.

They are passionate about improving instrument design. The Nuvo design process starts by taking a fresh look at the form, mechanisms and materials commonly found in traditional instruments, many of which have their design roots in the 1800s. Nuvo instruments respectfully preserve the musicality of traditional instruments while adding modern innovations that make learning more effective, especially for children.

Guo Tocco beginner flute
Guo New voice flute
Guo Ame student flute

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Nuvo jFlute 2.0 Out Of Stock

Nuvo jFlute 2.0

A bright, lightweight beginner flute  · Unique 'doughnut' headjoint d..

AU$279.00 Ex Tax: AU$253.64

Nuvo jFlute Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your jFlute to a Student Flute  Use this kit to upgrade your ..

AU$85.00 Ex Tax: AU$77.27

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