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Anti Tarnish Strips - Intercept Pack of 20

New Anti Tarnish Strips -  Intercept Pack of 20

Anti Tarnish Strips from Shine-On Pack of 20

($1.40 ea incl gst)
Place a single strip in your flute case to slow the progress of tarnishing on Silver or silver plated instruments.
 Difficult to know how often to change the strip. If in an enclosed box not opened regularly, one strip every 6 months.
In an instrument case that is opened daily one strip every 3 weeks.

Intercept Technology™ 

State of the Art Corrosion & Tarnish Prevention
The only anti-tarnish product to win the German Environmental Award
Trade names: Corrosion Intercept®, Static Intercept®

How It Works:

Developed by Lucent Bell Labs to solve problems they were experiencing with tarnish and corrosion, the Intercept Technology™ is a revolutionary product reacting solid-state reactive materials (high surface area copper) into a polymer matrix. These materials react with and neutralize all corrosive gases that contact the film. It provides10 years of protection against corrosive gases per mil of Intercept material. Intercept™ protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as preventing galvanic corrosion.

Metals corrode (tarnish) by reaction with common gases in the atmosphere. These corrosive gases react with both ferrous (iron-based) and non-ferrous metals. However, these gases are the primary cause for tarnish and corrosion of non-ferrous metal (such as silver, gold, tin, copper, brass, etc).

Why It's Better:

Intercept™ provides the best protection against tarnish and corrosion causing gasses:

  • Reacts with and permanently neutralizes corrosive gases
  • Can Provide corrosion protection for up to 10 years per mil of Intercept™ material
  • Clean and non-abrasive, will not scratch items it protects (unlike charcoal-based products)
  • Leaves no detectable deposit on any product it protects (unlike VCI's)
  • Will not harm gemstones like pearls, opals, emeralds, amber, onyx, etc.
  • Cleanses trapped air of corrosive gases
  • Temperature and humidity independent
  • Provides cost savings by eliminating secondary packaging and cleaning operations often required with VCI protection, charcoal protection, or no protection
  • Acts as a passive bactericide and mildewcide
  • Effective against galvanic coupling (corrosion between joined dissimilar metals)
  • Eliminates the need for storage in inert atmospheres Environmentally friendly with substantially reduced landfill time (breaking down into Polymer dust)
  • Fully recyclable (meeting tough German recycling laws)


Intercept Technology™ provides effective tarnish & corrosion prevention for the following materials:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Tin
  • Brass
  • Magnesium
  • Ferrous Metals (Iron and Steel)

The common corrosive gases and examples of how they are produced:

  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) produced as effluent from pulp mills, oil refineries, heavy industrial and from decaying vegetation.
  • Carbonyl sulfide (COS) produced from fossil fuel combustion (such as burning coal, gasoline or petrol, oil, etc.), wood fires and ocean surfaces.
  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) produced from fossil fuel combustion and from smelting operations.
  • Hydrogen chloride (HCI) produced from fossil fuel combustion and from ocean surfaces.

Intercept Technology™ properties and values
Physical Properties Typical Values Test Method

    • Thickness 3 mils
    • Tensile Strength MD 11.5Lbs/in ASTM D882
    • Tensile Strength TD 9.0Lbs/in ASTM D882

    • Elongation MD 321% ASTM D882
    • Elongation TD 512% ASTM D882

  • Puncture Resistance 8.0Lbs FTMS 101, MTH 2065
  • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction .27 (on own surface)
  • Moisture Permeation 3 g/m2 (40C per 24 hrs)
  • Sulfur and Chlorine Permeation 0 cc/m2 (for 15 yrs) DuPont and AT&T Test
  • Ozone Permeation 0 cc/m2 (for 15 yrs) DuPont and AT&T Test
  • Heat Seal Strength 6.0 lbs/in Instron
  • Product Code: Anti Tarnish Strips -Interceptx20
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