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Muramatsu EX RCE

Muramatsu EX RCE

Muramatsu EX RCE

An inexpensive introduction to one of the World's most respected flutemakers.
Handmade, pointed arm keywork, silver plated body and mechanism
Including the even rich scale synonomous with the Muramatsu Flute brand

Silver head, plated body and keys, open hole, C foot

Sterling silver (925 Ag) head joint

Silver plated body and keys

In 1923  Muramatsu created  their first flute and have since established themselves as the number one choice for many professional and advancing student players.

The even scale and homogeonous tone is displayed throughout the Muramatsu range, including this entry level Muramatsu flute

Our recent delivery of Muramatsu EX RCE flutes all sold out within days of arriving in store. Our next delivery arrives in February, call us on (02) 9564 1233 to be updated with their arrival.

Open / Closed holeOpen hole
Offset / In-line GOffset G
Split E mechanismStandard split E mechanism
Foot jointC footjoint
Head joint
MaterialSterling silver (925Ag) headjoint
Cut / DesignMuramatsu cut
MaterialSilver plated nickel silver
DesignDrawn tone holes
MaterialSilver plated nickel silver
Designconical bearing, gold anodised steels, small pitch adjusting screws and pointed arm/handmade keys
CaseFrench style wood & vinyl
Case coverMuramatsu black nylon with strap
  • Brand: Muramatsu
  • Product Code: Muramatsu
  • Availability: In Stock
  • AU$6,100.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$5,545.45

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