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Muramatsu 9K/Ag RBEC# Pre-Order

Muramatsu 9K/Ag RBEC#

Muramatsu 9k/Ag RBEC# Flute One of the finest professional handmade fl..

AU$36,300.00 Ex Tax: AU$33,000.00

Muramatsu EX RBE

Muramatsu EX RBEAn inexpensive introduction to one of the World's mos..

AU$6,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$5,454.55

Muramatsu EX RCE

Muramatsu EX RCEAn inexpensive introduction to one of the World's mos..

AU$5,300.00 Ex Tax: AU$4,818.18

Muramatsu Silver Headjoint (Pre Loved)

Muramatsu .925 Sterling Silver Headjoint (Pre Loved)Muramatsu Standard Head..

AU$650.00 Ex Tax: AU$650.00

Muramatsu GX RCE

Sharing the same silver body as the professional Muramatsu Ds. ..

AU$7,400.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,727.27

Muramatsu GX RBE

Muramatsu GX RBEMuramatsu flutes a renowned for their rich tone and h..

AU$9,450.00 Ex Tax: AU$8,590.91

Muramatsu DS rbe -H

Muramatsu DS rbe - HeavyThis is the flute that it is..

AU$14,300.00 Ex Tax: AU$13,000.00

Muramatsu Ds rbeC# -H

Muramatsu Ds rbeC# -Heavy This is the flute that it is all about. T..

AU$15,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$14,181.82

Muramatsu SR RBEC# -H

Muramatsu SR flute The top of the Muramatsu silver flute ra..

AU$22,950.00 Ex Tax: AU$20,863.64

Muramatsu PTP rbec#-H

The Muramatsu PTP is a monster of a flute. Built upon the Muramats..

AU$22,650.00 Ex Tax: AU$20,590.91

Muramatsu PTP rbec#-H - Pre Loved

The Muramatsu PTP- Pre Loved Flute is a monster of a flute. Built u..

AU$15,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$15,000.00

Muramatsu Standard Flute - Pre Loved

Muramatsu Standard Sterling Silver - Pre Loved flute Pre Loved Murama..

AU$2,800.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,800.00

Muramatsu Silver Headjoint

Muramatsu Standard  HeadjointTube: Sterling SilverLip Plate: Sterling ..

AU$1,800.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,636.36

Muramatsu Tsubasa Headjoint Pre-Order

Muramatsu Tsubasa Headjoint

Muramatsu Tsubasa HeadjointTube: Sterling SilverLip Plate: Sterling SilverR..

AU$1,350.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,227.27

Muramatsu Alto flute Pre-Order

Muramatsu Alto flute

Muramatsu offer one model of alto flute that simply leaves no r..

AU$14,540.00 Ex Tax: AU$13,218.18

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