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Sankyo CF 201 RCE

Sankyo CF 201 RCESankyo's entry level mode, the 201 offers an affordable en..

AU$4,200.00 Ex Tax: AU$3,818.18

Sankyo CF 201 RBE

Sankyo CF 201 RBESankyo's entry level model, the 201 offers an affordable e..

AU$4,500.00 Ex Tax: AU$4,090.91

Sankyo CF 601 RBE C#

Sankyo CF 601 RBE C#Fully hand made, sterling silver flute. Handmade point..

AU$18,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$17,181.82

Sankyo Crystal Light rbe Pre-Order

Sankyo Crystal Light rbe

By reducing the weight of the mechanism on this special "Crysta..

AU$9,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$9,000.00

Sankyo DN RBE - Pre Loved

Sankyo DN RBE Second Hand Pre-loved Sankyo Sterling Silver fluteSt..

AU$4,900.00 Ex Tax: AU$4,454.55

Sankyo Grenadilla Wood flute Pre-Order

Sankyo Grenadilla Wood flute

Sankyo Wooden Flute   Grenadilla ( African black) w..

AU$19,750.00 Ex Tax: AU$17,954.55

Sankyo Sterling Silver Swarovski Crown Out Of Stock

Sankyo Sterling Silver Swarovski Crown

Sankyo Sterling Silver Swarovski CrownAdd some sparkle to your flute with t..

AU$150.00 Ex Tax: AU$136.36

Sankyo CF 301 RBE Pre-Order

Sankyo CF 301 RBE

Sankyo CF 301 RBESankyo's semi-professional model, the 301 offers fantastic..

AU$7,250.00 Ex Tax: AU$6,590.91

Sankyo CF 401 RBE

Sankyo CF 401 RCESankyo's professional drawn tonehole model, the 401 offers..

AU$9,600.00 Ex Tax: AU$8,727.27

Sankyo CF 801 RBEC# Pre-Order

Sankyo CF 801 RBEC#

Sankyo CF 801 RBEC#Sankyo's fully handmade, Britannia (950Ag) silver profes..

AU$17,550.00 Ex Tax: AU$15,954.55

Sankyo Etude - Pre Loved Flute

Sankyo Etude - Pre Loved flute Pre Loved Sankyo Etude Ste..

AU$1,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,000.00

Sankyo - FT Gold lip headjoint Pre-Order

Sankyo - FT Gold lip headjoint

Sankyo flute headjoint FT with Gold lip plateSankyo's signature quick resp..

AU$3,200.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,909.09

Sankyo - RT1 Gold lip headjoint Out Of Stock

Sankyo - RT1 Gold lip headjoint

Sankyo's signature quick response and big sound works perfectly with the ad..

AU$3,200.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,909.09

Sankyo BF-101C bass flute

Sankyo BF-101C Bass FluteHandmade Professional Bass Flute, completely new d..

AU$17,850.00 Ex Tax: AU$16,227.27

Sankyo Alto Flute AF101

Sankyo Alto Flute AF 101Alto flute with straight silver headjoint.Ste..

AU$12,599.99 Ex Tax: AU$11,454.54

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