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Trinity Initial to Grade 5

Trinity Initial to Grade 5

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100 Classical Studies For Flute (Vester)

A collection of 100 classical flute studies Approximate grade: AMEB Grades ..

AU$52.00 Ex Tax: AU$47.27

125 Easy Classical Studies For Flute (Vester)

125 Easy Classical Studies for Flute Approximate Grade Level: AMEB Grades ..

AU$47.00 Ex Tax: AU$42.73

40 Modern Studies For Solo Flute -James Rae (Universal)

40 Modern Studies for Solo Flute - James Rae Collection of Modern pieces f..

AU$47.00 Ex Tax: AU$42.73

76 Graded Studies Book 1 (Harris & Adams) Faber

76 Graded Studies - Book 1 (Harris & Adams)Collection of studies ideal..

AU$28.00 Ex Tax: AU$25.45

Abracadabra Flute (Pupils Book Only) 3rd Edition

Abracadabra Flute - Pupils Book (3rd Edition)The perfect book for pupil and..

AU$18.00 Ex Tax: AU$16.36

Amazing Flute Solos (B&H) Pre-Order

Amazing Flute Solos (B&H)

Amazing Flute Solos (Boosey & Hawkes) Collection of popular classics f..

AU$27.00 Ex Tax: AU$24.55

Bach J.S. Suite in B Minor BMV 1067 (Peters) Fl/Pno

J.S. Bach - Suite in B Minor BMV 1067 (Peters) for Flute & PianoBasic d..

AU$22.00 Ex Tax: AU$20.00

Bennett R Summer Music (Fl/Pno) Novello

Richard Rodney Bennett - Summer Music for Flute & Piano1. Summer Music2..

AU$26.00 Ex Tax: AU$23.64

Cooke A Sonatina (Oup)

Arnold Cooke - Sonatina for Flute & PianoBasic description and level gu..

AU$40.00 Ex Tax: AU$36.36

Faure, G. Sicilienne Op. 78 Fl/Pno

Gabriel Faure - Sicilienne for Flute and Piano Op. 78Basic description and ..

AU$27.00 Ex Tax: AU$24.55

Flute Fancies (Ed Stuart)

Flute Fancies - Hugh StuartCollection of popular classics for the beginner ..

AU$15.00 Ex Tax: AU$13.64

Koehler, E. Op 33 Complete Studies (Allans)

Ernesto Koehler - Complete Studies for Flute Op. 33Edited by Frederick Shad..

AU$17.00 Ex Tax: AU$15.45

Musical Moments Book 1-Trinity College (Fl/Pno)

Trinity Musical Moments Book 1 Basic description and level (grade) 2Include..

AU$21.00 Ex Tax: AU$19.09

Musical Moments Book 2-Trinity College (Fl/Pno)

Basic description and level (grade) 2Included in exam syllabus:Trinity..

AU$22.00 Ex Tax: AU$20.00

Quantz J Sonata In E Minor (Fl/Pno) Schott Pre-Order

Quantz J Sonata In E Minor (Fl/Pno) Schott

Johann Joachim Quantz - Sonata in E Minor for Flute and Piano (Schott)LISTE..

AU$27.95 Ex Tax: AU$25.41

Rutter, Suite Antique (Oup-Uk)

LISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUY Approx AMEB 8th Grade.  This is a beaut..

AU$53.00 Ex Tax: AU$48.18

Solos For The Flute 36 Repertoire Pieces (D Peck)

Basic description and level (grade) 3-CollectionIncluded in exam syllabusT..

AU$58.00 Ex Tax: AU$52.73

Trinity College London - Mosaics Book 1 (Grades 1-5)

Trinity College London - Mosaics Book 1 (Grades 1-5)Basic description and l..

AU$24.00 Ex Tax: AU$21.82

Trinity Flute All Sorts Grades 1-3 (Fl/Pno)

Flute All Sorts - Trinity College of London (Grades 1-3)An assortment of 1..

AU$24.00 Ex Tax: AU$21.82

Walton M. Off To A Great Start For Flute Bk Two (Cd)

Mark Walton - Off To a Great Start Book Two (includes CD)Basic description..

AU$22.00 Ex Tax: AU$20.00

Woodwind World Bk1-Trinity College (Fl/Pno)

Basic description and level (grade) 1Included in exam syllabus:TrinityGrad..

AU$22.85 Ex Tax: AU$20.77

Woodwind World Bk2-Trinity College (Fl/Pno)

Basic description and level (grade) 2Included in exam syllabusTrinityGrade..

AU$20.96 Ex Tax: AU$19.05

Woodwind World Bk3-Trinity College (Fl/Pno)

Basic description and level (grade) 3Included in exam syllabus:Trinity Col..

AU$16.01 Ex Tax: AU$14.55

Woodwind World Bk4-Trinity College (Fl/Pno)

Basic description and level (grade) 4Included in exam syllabusTrinityGrade..

AU$30.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.27

Woodwind World Bk5-Trinity College (Fl/Pno)

Basic description and level (grade) 5Included in exam syllabusTrinityGrade..

AU$19.00 Ex Tax: AU$17.27

Music Through Time (Harris & Adams) Book Three (Grades 3-4) Oxford

Music Through Time - Book 3 (Harris & Adams) for Grades 3 & 4A coll..

AU$32.95 Ex Tax: AU$29.95

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