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Associate in Music Australia (AMusA)

A prestigious award, equivalent to achieving an undergraduate tertiary qualification in Music.[Typically, a candidate will have already completed AMEB Level 2 exams up to Eighth Grade or Certificate of Performance prior to attempting the AMusA, although there is no requirement for this.
The requirement is to have successfully completed a Grade 5 theory examination for a practical AMusA, and a Grade 5 practical examination for a theory AMusA

LMusA follow AMusA

The Fellowship in Music Australia (FMusA) is the highest and most prestigious award offered by AMEB. The prerequisite for the examination is the Licentiate (LMusA).

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Arnold M. Concerto For Flute & Strings Op 45 (Paterson)

Malcolm Arnold's Concerto for Flute & Strings Op 45LISTEN NOW BEFORE YO..

AU$34.00 Ex Tax: AU$30.91

Bach C.P.E. Six Sonatas For Flute & Piano (Zimmermann)

C.P.E Bach's Six Sonatas for Flute & Piano (Zimmerman)UrtextIncluded in..

AU$70.00 Ex Tax: AU$63.64

Bach C.P.E. Concerto in D minor (Fl/Pno) Henle

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Concerto in D Minor for Flute and Piano (Henle)..

AU$42.00 Ex Tax: AU$38.18

Bach C.P.E. Hamburger Sonata In G Maj Fl/Pno(Schott)

Bach C.P.E. Hamburger Sonata In G Major for Flute & Piano (Schott) Clic..

AU$32.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.09

Bach J.S. Sonatas Vol 2 (Schirmer) Fl/Pno

J.S. Bach Sonatas Volume 2 (Schirmer) Flute/Piano C Major BWV 1033E Minor ..

AU$24.00 Ex Tax: AU$21.82

Bartok/Arma. Suite Paysanne Hongroise, Scherzo & Vieilles Danses

Bela Bartok - Suite Paysanne Hongroise (Arranged by Paul Arma)The "Suite Pa..

AU$46.00 Ex Tax: AU$41.82

Boyd, A. Cloudy Mountain Fl/Pno (Faber)

Anne Boyd - Cloudy Mountain for Flute and Piano (1981)Basic description and..

AU$23.00 Ex Tax: AU$20.91

Bozza E. Image Op 38 (Leduc)

Listen HereBasic description and level (grade) A. MUS-SoloIncluded in exam ..

AU$23.00 Ex Tax: AU$20.91

Copland A. - Duo for Flute & Piano (B & H)

Aaron Copland - Duo for Flute & PianoCopland once described the Duo, on..

AU$32.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.09

Feld, J. Quatre Pieces (Leduc)

Jindřich Feld - Quatre Pieces for Flute Solo (1964)Jindrich Feld's Qu..

AU$26.00 Ex Tax: AU$23.64

Francaix J. Divertimento (Schott)

Jean Francaix - Divertimento for Flute & PianoBasic description and le..

AU$37.00 Ex Tax: AU$33.64

Fukushima K. Mei (Zerboni)

Kazuo Fukushima - Mei for Solo FluteBasic description and level guide (grad..

AU$49.00 Ex Tax: AU$44.55

Gluck Concerto in G Major for Fl/Pno (Kalmus)

Gluck Concerto in G Major (Kalmus) for Flute & PianoBasic description a..

AU$22.00 Ex Tax: AU$20.00

Handel Sonatas (Barenreiter)

George Frideric Handel - Collection of Sonatas (Barenreiter)Including:Sonat..

AU$48.00 Ex Tax: AU$43.64

Hindemith P. Acht Stucke (Schott)

Paul Hindemith - Acht Stucke for Solo FluteBasic description and level (gra..

AU$37.50 Ex Tax: AU$34.09

Hindemith P. Sonata (Schott)

Paul Hindemith - Sonata for Flute & PianoBasic description and level gu..

AU$50.00 Ex Tax: AU$45.45

Martin F. Ballade (Universal)

Frank Martin - Ballade for Flute and PianoLISTEN HEREBasic description and ..

AU$59.00 Ex Tax: AU$53.64

Martinu B. First Sonata (Associated Music)

Bohuslav Martinu - First Sonata for Flute and Piano Basic description and ..

AU$36.00 Ex Tax: AU$32.73

Messiaen O. Le Merle Noir (Leduc)

Olivier Messiaen - Le Merle Noir for Flute & PianoLISTEN HEREBasic des..

AU$42.00 Ex Tax: AU$38.18

Mozart W.A. Concerto In D K314 (Breitkopf) Pre-Order

Mozart W.A. Concerto In D K314 (Breitkopf)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Concerto in D Major K314 for Flute and Piano (Bre..

AU$0.00 Ex Tax: AU$0.00

Quantz J. Collection of 6 Sonatas Op. 1 Vol. 1 (1-3) Pre-Order

Quantz J. Collection of 6 Sonatas Op. 1 Vol. 1 (1-3)

Johann Joachim Quantz - Collection of 6 Sonatas Op. 1 Vol. 1Including:Sonat..

AU$55.00 Ex Tax: AU$50.00

Quantz J. Sonata No. 1 A Minor. (Forberg)

Johann Joachim Quantz - Sonata No.1 in A Minor (Forberg)LISTEN NOW BEFORE Y..

AU$20.00 Ex Tax: AU$18.18

Quantz J. Sonata No. 5 E Min (Forberg)

Johann Joachim Quantz - Sonata No.5 in E Minor (Forberg)LISTEN NOW BEFORE Y..

AU$11.95 Ex Tax: AU$10.86

Reinecke, C. Sonata Undine Op 167 Fl/Pno (Forberg)

Carl Reinecke - Sonata Undine Op. 167 for Flute and Piano LISTEN NOW BEFORE..

AU$37.00 Ex Tax: AU$33.64

Roussel A Joueurs De Flute Op 27 Comp Fl/Pno Broekmans

LISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUYThis unusal piece is a special experience to play...

AU$28.95 Ex Tax: AU$26.32

Stamitz A. 8 Caprices (Peters)

Basic description and level (grade) A.MUSIncluded in exam syllabusAMEBGrad..

AU$30.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.27

Stanley, J - Firefly (Reed Music)

Jane Stanley - Firefly for Flute Solo (1999)Basic description and level gui..

AU$28.00 Ex Tax: AU$25.45

Telemann Gp 12 Fantasias (Barenreiter)

LISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUY  Approx level guide AMEB Grade 6-LMus. &..

AU$32.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.09

Telemann GP 12 Fantasias (Henle)

Telemann GP 12 Fantasias (Henle)Urtext editionLISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUY&nbs..

AU$39.50 Ex Tax: AU$35.91

Telemann Methodical Sonatas (Amin/Gmaj) (Barenreiter)

Two advanced technical and musical sonatas in one Barenreiter edition.Inclu..

AU$46.15 Ex Tax: AU$41.95

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