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76 Graded Studies Book 1 (Harris & Adams) Faber

76 Graded Studies Book 1  (Harris & Adams) Faber

76 Graded Studies - Book 1 (Harris & Adams)

Collection of studies ideal for the progressive flautist (grades 1 - 6)

Many are used in flute music exams:

Grade 1
 Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6

HARRIS, P. Andante No 4
HARRIS, P. Andante con moto No 5
HARRIS, P. Moderato No 2
BAERMANN, C. Allegro No 14
GARIBOLDI, G. Allegro moderato in C major No 10
 ANONYMOUS. Hessian dance No 19
ANONYMOUS. The sun fom the east  No 20
GARIBOLDI, G. Molto moderato No 15
GARIBOLDI, G. Moderato No 16
HARRIS, P. Con moto No 18
GARIBOLDI, G. Allegretto grazioso No 27
GARIBOLDI, G. Allegretto moderato No 30
HARRIS, P. Animato No 32
QUANTZ, J. Minuetto No 42
FERLING,E. Maestoso No 50
POPP, A. Allegretto No 47
TELEMANN, G. Allegro No 49

Trinity College London

HARRIS. Study no. 4 or no. 7
BAERMANN. Study no. 14
GARIBOLDI. Study no. 11

HARRIS. Study no. 32


HARRIS. Study in C
HARRIS. Study in G
HARRIS. Study in F
GARIBOLDI. Study in C (Motlo moderato) No. 15
GARIBOLDI. Study in C (Moderato) No. 16
TULOU. Study in G
GARIBOLDI. Study in Bb
GARIBOLDI. Study in Eb
KOHLER. Study in G minor: No. 9
DROUET. Study in A minor

While every effort is made to keep exam information up to date, we recommend you consult your teacher
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