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40 Little Pieces For Beginner Flute. Arr Moyse. (Allans)

Pre-Order 40 Little Pieces For Beginner Flute. Arr Moyse. (Allans)

40 Little Pieces for Beginner Flute. Arr Moyse

A collection of enjoyable, melodic pieces for the beginner to advanced beginner.

Also used as resource for many exam pieces:

AMEB Grade 1
AMEB Grade 2
AMEB Grade 3

BACH, J.S. Menuet No 7
HANDEL, G. Aria No 13
HAYDN, F. Little dance No 16
SCHUBERT, F. Andante No 17
BACH, J.S. Menuet No 22
BACH, J.S. Musette
MOZART, W.  Allegro
SCHUBERT, F. Andantino
HAYDN, F. Serenade No 40
SCHUBERT, F. Moment Musical No 36

While every effort is made to keep exam information up to date, we recommend you also consult your teacher
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