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Guo New Voice Flute - Saddle Brown

New Guo New Voice Flute - Saddle Brown

Guo New Voice C Flute

The Guo New Voice flute is an amazing innovative design which offers a high quality, reliable instrument constructed from an ultra-light composite material, making the New Voice one of the lightest flutes available.

It is an incredibly responsive instrument, with great projection similar to a flute constructed from silver. The composite material also vibrates beautiful while the instrument is being played, providing great resonance and physical feedback to the player through the vibrations.

The New Voice is able to produce a strong, robust sound in all registers and plays low C and B effortlessly. It's also a great idea if you plan to play outdoors as it is waterproof!

This flute is available in a range of colours, and is supplied in a slimline aluminium case with shoulder bag, open hole plugs and cleaning materials.

Each New Voice comes with open holes and a B foot joint.

Listen here to Olivia testing out our latest delivery of Guo New Voice Flutes!

Open / Closed holeClosed Hole
Offset / In-line GHalf offset button, On in line mechanism
Foot jointC Foot, Fixed position
Head joint
MaterialPolymer (colourful)
Cut / DesignShort length headjoint, with easy blowing cut lip-plate
MaterialPolymer with reinforcement (Black)
  • Brand: Guo
  • Product Code: Guo New Voice Flute - Saddle Brown
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  • AU$1,925.00
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