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Used flutes

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Altus 1007CCE - Pre Loved

Altus 1007 CCE (Pre Loved) 925 Sterling silver headjoint and body tube..

AU$4,180.00 Ex Tax: AU$3,800.00

Mateki MO-041 RBE - Pre Loved

Mateki MO-041 RBE Used flute Great conditionNo dents and minimal scrat..

AU$5,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$4,545.45

Muramatsu Silver Headjoint (Pre Loved) Out Of Stock

Muramatsu Silver Headjoint (Pre Loved)

Muramatsu .925 Sterling Silver Headjoint (Pre Loved)Muramatsu Standard Head..

AU$650.00 Ex Tax: AU$650.00

John Lehner Handmade Sterling Silver Flute - Pre Loved

John Lehner Sterling Silver Handmade Flute - Pre Loved Pre Loved Han..

AU$8,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$8,000.00

Muramatsu Standard Flute - Pre Loved

Muramatsu Standard Sterling Silver - Pre Loved flute Pre Loved Murama..

AU$2,800.00 Ex Tax: AU$2,800.00

Sankyo Etude - Pre Loved Flute

Sankyo Etude - Pre Loved flute Pre Loved Sankyo Etude Ste..

AU$1,000.00 Ex Tax: AU$1,000.00

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