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Doppler F. Andante & Rondo Op 25 For 2 Flutes (IMC)

Doppler F. Andante & Rondo Op 25 For 2 Flutes (IMC)

Francois Doppler - Andante & Rondo for Two Flutes and Piano

Composed to showcase the talents of the Doppler brothers during one of their many tours, Andante and Rondo is a flashy showpiece for 2 flutes. The long melody of the Andante sweeps and soars in a dramatic fashion with rich harmonies in the two flutes. The Rondo features complex rhythmic layers, and has the cheek and drive of a Hungarian gypsy dance.


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Tags: Francois, Doppler, Andante, Rondo, Two, Flutes, Duet, Piano