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Generation Flageolet (Tin Whistle) - Nickel Plated

New Generation Flageolet (Tin Whistle) - Nickel Plated

Generation Flageolet (Tin Whistle) - Nickel Plated

The Flageolet, perhaps one of the most ancient of musical instruments and often known as the Tin Whistle, is a musical instrument possesing two special qualities:
It is the cheapest and it's the simplest. however, don't be misled into thinking that it's barely more than a toy, or that it is inferior or a second-rate instrument. On the contrary, despite its cheapness and its easiness for beginners, the tin whistle is a full blooded musical instrument, capable of music of a quality often unsurpassed by far more eminent instruments.

Made in England.

Available in the keys of Bb, C, D, Eb, F and G

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