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Moyse 20 Studies After Kreutzer Flute Unaccompanied

Moyse 20 Studies After Kreutzer Flute Unaccompanied

Marcel Moyse - 20 Studies after Kreutzer for Flute Unaccompanied

French flautist, Marcel Moÿse (1889-1984) studied at the Paris Conservatoire before becoming a renowned performer on the instrument. He was also responsible for training a brilliant generation of Flute players and his experiences and expertise combined created the well-informed compilation, 20 Studies after Kreutzer for Flute.

With notes in French, English, German and Japanese, Moyse's studies are accessible and versatile. Focus in this Moyse study book is given to fingering, phrasing, tempo, breath control, articulation, intervals, range, and ornamentation, among other musical aspects. 20 Studies for Flute, based on Violin studies by Rodolphe Kreutzer, (1766-1831) is essential to the technical progress of advanced flautists.

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