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Muramatsu EX RCE Flute - Pre Loved

New Muramatsu EX RCE Flute  - Pre Loved

Muramatsu EX RCE Flute - Pre Loved flute

Pre Loved Muramatsu EX Flute with C foot joint  - This flute was purchased in the early 2000s and has been serviced regularly by Flute Tree. Would benefit from a service.

Muramatsu flutes are some of the most popular flutes played worldwide.
The workhorse in orchestras throughout the world. The finest considered crafting offering the pinnacle in reliable, flexible and syrupy rich performance.

Sterling silver (925 Ag) head joint

Silver plated body tube

Silver plated mechanism

In 1923  Muramatsu created  their first flute and have since established themselves as the number one choice for many professional and advancing student players.

The EX Model is Muramatsu's silver headjoint model, employing a hand made sterling silver headjoint for richness and depth of tone. It has been kept in good condition and has been regularly maintained. Available for trial.


Open / Closed holeOpen Hole
Offset / In-line GOffset G
Split E mechanismYes
Foot jointC Foot Joint
C# TrillNo
Head joint
MaterialSterling silver (925Ag) headjoint
Cut / DesignSterling Silver Muramatsu Standard Cut
MaterialSterling silver (925Ag) headjoint
DesignDrawn tone holes
MaterialSilver Plated Nickel Silver
DesignPointed Arm Keys
CaseFrench style wood & vinyl
Case cover
  • Brand: Muramatsu
  • Product Code: Muramatsu
  • Availability: In Stock
  • AU$3,000.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$3,000.00

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