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Pattillo, Greg - 4 Etudes for Beatbox Flute

New Pattillo, Greg - 4 Etudes for Beatbox Flute

Greg Pattillo - 4 Etudes for Beatbox Flute

The following works were transcribed specifically for students interested in learning how to beatbox on their flute. They are literal transcriptions of exactly what was played in Greg Pattillo's YouTube videos and are offered as a guide to help find a voice in the beatbox flute style.

Transcriptions of four YouTube videos: Hotel Crazyness; Sunday Riffin; Piano, Flute, and Beatbox (requires piano); Badiniere (J.S. Bach Beatbox Flute)

Check out the video of Project Trio's visit to Flute Tree & The Woodwind Group in 2010

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