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Yamaha YFL-371RBE

Yamaha YFL-371RBE

Yamaha YFL-371 RBE

The Yamaha brand needs no introduction. While not the most innovative or precision build of the range, it is a familiar reliable model with increased quality control offered by our in house workshop and presales service

  • This step up flute provides a silver headjoint to increase tone colours and projection
  • A step-up instrument from this popular manufacturer
  • Free blowing easy and responsive
  • Open hole, offset G, split E mechanism, B foot
Yamaha have recently upgrade their key shape from Y Arm to Pointed Arm, which has changed their models from the 371 to the 372. This flute is the superseeded 371 model with Y Arm key design.
Open / Closed holeOpen Hole
Offset / In-line GOffset G
Split E mechanismStandard Split E mechanism
Foot jointB Foot joint
Head joint
MaterialSterling Silver
Cut / DesignStandard Cut
MaterialSilver plated Nickel Silver
DesignDrawn tone holes
MaterialSilver plated Nickel Silver
DesignY arm Commercial keys
CaseStandard Yamaha case
Case coverYamaha black nylon with strap
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Product Code: YFL-371-rbe
  • Availability: In Stock
  • AU$1,600.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$1,454.55

Tags: Yamaha, Step up flute, silver, headjoint, 371