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Miyazawa BR 958 Type I RBE

Pre-Order Miyazawa BR 958 Type I RBE

Miyazawa BR 958 Type I Flute

Professional hand made flute with Britannia silver (958Ag) tubing throughout giving a warm and rich tone.
Sterling silver mechanism presents this as a flute for life, you need never wish for more

Britannia silver (958Ag) head joint

Britannia silver (958Ag) body tube

Sterling silver (925Ag) mechanism

Since its inception in 1969, Miyazawa flutes has focused upon quality design and engineering to create the optimum musical instrument.

Since 2005 Miyazawa have added the much lauded Brögger mechanism as an option on their instruments


Open / Closed holeOpen hole
Offset / In-line GOffset G
Split E mechanismStandard Split E mechanism
Foot jointB foot joint
Head joint
MaterialBritannia silver (958Ag) head joint
Cut / DesignChoice of Miyazawa cuts
MaterialBritannia silver (958Ag) silver body tube
DesignDrawn tone holes
MaterialSterling silver (925Ag) mechanism
DesignFull Brögger Mechanism Pointed arm / Handmade keys
CaseFrench style wood & vinyl
Case coverMiyazawa black nylon with strap
  • Brand: Miyazawa
  • Product Code: Miyazawa
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • AU$12,500.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$11,363.64

Tags: Miyazawa, Silver, Professional, Flute, Type 1, Britannia

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