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Pearl Dolce PF 695re

Pearl Dolce PF 695re

This is the Pearl first of the higher specification Pearl flute range, The Dolce  series 695 with open hole, split e and C foot.
Continuing the sweet free tone of the Pearl flutes , the addition of the superior sterling silver  Forza model headjoint adds more depth and room to develop a broader tone.

Sterling silver (925 Ag) head joint.

Silver plated body and mechanism.

All Pearl flutes incorporate the patent pinless / Alan key mechanism and exhibit a quality build performing above many similar priced flutes.



Displaying a higher build quality than the standard 'Quantz' range of pearl flutes.
These fine instruments are machined to more acurate tolerances and offer a more precise pad seal and playing experience for longer.
A more advanced design of headjoint provides a full projecting tone.

Open / Closed holeOpen hole as standard - Covered hole available
Offset / In-line GOffset G
Split E mechanismStandard split E
Foot jointC foot
Head joint
MaterialSterling silver - 925 Ag
Cut / DesignPF 6J - free & sweet
MaterialSilver plated Nickel Silver
DesignDrawn tone holes
MaterialSilver plated Nickel Silver
DesignPointed arm / Hanmade keys, pinless (alan key) mechanism
CaseFrench style wood and vinyl
Case coverPearl back nylon with strap
  • Brand: Pearl
  • Product Code: PF-695re
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