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Brannen Brothers Flute

Pre-Order Brannen Brothers Flute

Brannen Cooper Brögger System Flute

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American Flute-makers Brannen-Cooper have an almost mythical reputation among flute players.
Their innovations in mechanism and tone have led them to being regarded as one of the best flute makers in the world.

Brannen flutes make use of the Brögger Mechanism
Handmade soldered tone holes
All Brannen flutes come with a choice of Lafin or Brannen head joint

Open hole, offset G, split E mechanism, B foot, C# trill


Sterling silver (925 Ag) head joint

Sterling silver (925 Ag) body tube

Sterling silver (925 Ag) mechanism

Open / Closed holeOpen hole
Offset / In-line GOffset G
Split E mechanismSplit E Mechanism
Foot jointB footjoint
Head joint
MaterialSterling silver (925Ag) headjoint with 14k Riser
ThicknessStandard 0.16" tubing
Cut / DesignBrannen "Modern Cooper" cut
MaterialSterling silver (925Ag) headjoint
ThicknessStandard 0.16" tubing
MaterialSterling silver (925Ag) headjoint
DesignGenuine Brögger mechanism
CaseBam Hightech Flute Case
Case coverBrannen black nylon with strap
  • AU$24,250.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$22,045.45

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