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Trinity College LTCL

Trinity College LTCL

The Recital Diploma is available at three levels:

  • Associate (ATCL): equivalent in standard to the first year of an undergraduate degree
  • Licentiate (LTCL): equivalent in standard to the final year of an undergraduate degree
  • Fellowship (FTCL): equivalent in standard to a postgraduate course at a conservatoire or university
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Bach C.P.E. Hamburger Sonata In G Maj Fl/Pno(Schott)

Bach C.P.E. Hamburger Sonata In G Major for Flute & Piano (Schott) Clic..

AU$32.00 Ex Tax: AU$29.09

Berio L. Sequenza (Zerboni) Fl/Pno

Luciano Berio - Sequenza (Zerboni) for Flute & PianoApprox Grade: Diplo..

AU$48.00 Ex Tax: AU$43.64

Berkeley L. Sonatina For Flute (Schott) Fl/Pno

Lennox Berkeley - Sonatina for Flute (Schott) for Flute and Piano Included ..

AU$30.00 Ex Tax: AU$27.27

Bozza E. Agrestide Op 44 (Fl/Pno)

Listen hereBasic description and level (grade) DiplomaIncluded in exam syll..

AU$49.50 Ex Tax: AU$45.00

Casella Sicilienne & Burlesque Fl/Pno Leduc

Alfredo Casella - Sicilienne & Burlesque for Flute and PianoListen Here..

AU$55.00 Ex Tax: AU$50.00

Doppler, F. Air Valaques Op.10 (Fl/Pno)

Francois Doppler - Air Valaques for Flute & PianoBasic description and ..

AU$36.50 Ex Tax: AU$33.18

Dutilleux H. Sonatine (Leduc)

Henri Dutilleux - Sonatine for Flute & PianoBasic description and level..

AU$56.00 Ex Tax: AU$50.91

Flute Music By French Composers (Moyse)

Flute Music by French Composers (Moyse)This popular collection includes a ..

AU$28.00 Ex Tax: AU$25.45

Francaix J. Divertimento (Schott)

Jean Francaix - Divertimento for Flute & PianoBasic description and le..

AU$37.00 Ex Tax: AU$33.64

Jolivet A Cinq Incantations

Andre Jolivet - Cinq Incantations for Solo FluteA.Mus- L.Mus level solo pie..

AU$28.55 Ex Tax: AU$25.95

Martin F. Ballade (Universal)

Frank Martin - Ballade for Flute and PianoLISTEN HEREBasic description and ..

AU$59.00 Ex Tax: AU$53.64

Messiaen O. Le Merle Noir (Leduc)

Olivier Messiaen - Le Merle Noir for Flute & PianoLISTEN HEREBasic des..

AU$47.50 Ex Tax: AU$43.18

Mozart W.A. Concerto In D K314 (Breitkopf)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Concerto in D Major K314 for Flute and Piano (Bre..

AU$42.00 Ex Tax: AU$38.18

Muczynski R. Sonata Op. 14 (Schirmer)

Robert Muczynski - Sonata Op. 14LISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUY  Approx stan..

AU$35.00 Ex Tax: AU$31.82

Nielsen, C. Concerto Fl/Pno (Samfundet)

Carl Nielsen - Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (Piano)LISTEN NOW BEFORE YO..

AU$143.95 Ex Tax: AU$130.86

Reinecke, C. Sonata Undine Op 167 Fl/Pno (Forberg)

Carl Reinecke - Sonata Undine Op. 167 for Flute and Piano LISTEN NOW BEFORE..

AU$37.00 Ex Tax: AU$33.64

Schubert F. Introduction & Variations On The Theme "Ihr Blumen Alle" Op 160 (Barenreiter URTEXT)

Schubert Introduction and Variations for flute OP 160 " Trockne Blumen"Urt..

AU$39.00 Ex Tax: AU$35.45

Schubert F. Introduction & Variations On The Theme "Ihr Blumen Alle" Op 160 (I.M.C.)

LISTEN NOW BEFORE YOU BUYApprox level guide AMEB LMus  A very famous p..

AU$35.00 Ex Tax: AU$31.82

Hue, G.Fantaisie ( Masters Music) Out Of Stock

Hue, G.Fantaisie ( Masters Music)

Georges Hue - Fantaisie for Flute & Piano (Masters)Basic description an..

AU$16.50 Ex Tax: AU$15.00

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