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Album Of Flute Duets, Ed Moyse (Schirmer)

Pre-Order Album Of Flute Duets, Ed Moyse (Schirmer)

Album of Flute Duets (Revised and Annotated by Louis Moyse)

Twelve selected duets from  Intermediate to Advanced levels:

Sonata (Bach, Wilhelm Friedmann)
Allegro and Minuet (Beethoven, Ludwig Van)
Concert (Couperin, Francois)
Air Du Fat Puni (Devienne, Francois
Duo Concertant (Drouet, Louis-Francois-Philippe)
Scherzo: A Midsummer Nights Dream (Mendelssohn,Felix)
Sonata (Naudot, Jean-Jacques)
Sonata (Schultze, Johann Christian)
Sonata (Telemann, George Philipp)
Sonatina (Kohler, Hans)
Sonatina (Kummer, Kaspar)
Theme and Variations (Reicha, Anton)

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