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Album Of Flute Duets, Ed Moyse (Schirmer)

Album Of Flute Duets, Ed Moyse (Schirmer)

Album of Flute Duets (Revised and Annotated by Louis Moyse)

Twelve selected duets from  Intermediate to Advanced levels:

Sonata (Bach, Wilhelm Friedmann)
Allegro and Minuet (Beethoven, Ludwig Van)
Concert (Couperin, Francois)
Air Du Fat Puni (Devienne, Francois
Duo Concertant (Drouet, Louis-Francois-Philippe)
Scherzo: A Midsummer Nights Dream (Mendelssohn,Felix)
Sonata (Naudot, Jean-Jacques)
Sonata (Schultze, Johann Christian)
Sonata (Telemann, George Philipp)
Sonatina (Kohler, Hans)
Sonatina (Kummer, Kaspar)
Theme and Variations (Reicha, Anton)

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