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MMO - History Of The Tango (CD)

MMO - History Of The Tango (CD)

Music Minus One - History of the Tango (Astor Piazzolla) and other Latin Dance Classics

The Histoire du Tango is a suite of four piecesfor flute & guitar, roughly suggesting the tango's development from the year 1900 (Bordel, 1900) through the depression (Cafe 1930) and the international post-war era (Night-Club 1960) through to the late twentieth century (Concert d'aujourd'hui) with its intergration of modern and post modern musical styles.

Other pieces included in this collection:
- Danza Espanola (Granados)
- Playera (Sarasate)
- Romanza Andaluza (Sarasate)

The Music Minus One edition includes:
- A compact disc containing th e complete performance of the pieces in digital stereo
- A second stereo version minus the solo flutist, indexed for case of practice and performance
- A newly engraved, authoritative performance edition of the solo part

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