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Tornado Flute Booster

Tornado Flute Booster

Tornado Flute Booster

A Tornado is the strongest demonstration of wind power on our planet and it has inspired the Tornado Flute Booster. A tornado has a tapered shape; just like a flute head joint.

Many players notice that their flute always responds better after 20-30 minutes of playing. If you look at the cork plate inside the head joint at this moment, you will notice that a ring of saliva has formed at the corner of the cork plate and the head
joint tube. This proves that this area has a wind circulation weakness resulting in a waste of power for the musician. The TFB cancels this negative effect and recuperates this lost power.

Advantages and Characteristic of the TFB

  • The Tornado Flute Booster (TFB) is designed to be installed to the head joint cork plate.
  • The Tornado effect created by the TFB helps to ease the difficulty of tone production on the flute.
  • The air jet introduced by flutist is redefined to spin faster and rotate freely.
  • The TFB adds power and definition to all flutes.
  • Higher notes are significantly easier to play and lower notes sound larger.
  • Harmonics are amplified without pitch being affected.
  • Adds projection of all notes in all registers.
  • Accelerates and define attacks, thus improving staccatos.
  • It can easily be installed and removed for testing.
  • It can be fixed permanently, very quickly and without any tool.
  • The TFB can easily be transferred to another head joint.
The TFB is available in three different metals. As with the LefreQue,the most significant improvement will come from a metal the same or more superior than your flute.
  • AU$40.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$36.36

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