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Flute Optimiser ring

Flute Optimiser ring

Text from the inventor:
                   Brooks de Wetter-Smith.

Standard flutes have an acoustic defect in the mouthpiec e, which makes it very difficult to achieve a proper sonority. This acoustic defect has to be compensated by hard work and a lot of practice.
However, installing the flute ring into the mouthpiece will take out this acoustic defect.
Once you have installed the ring into your instrument, you will be able to play with full sonority without effort.

Intonation? Octave overblowing? Homogeneity of timbre and tone in every register? Dynamics? Attack of notes?
No more problems!
It nearly goes by its self !

The less you stress ( column of air, body ) the better the tone !

The 'Optimised flute' is quite different from standard flutes.

You will definetly enjoy your "new" flute very much!

  • Brand: DeWetterSmith
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Tags: sound enhancement, headjoint