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Sankyo - FT Gold lip headjoint

Pre-Order Sankyo - FT Gold lip headjoint

Sankyo flute headjoint FT with Gold lip plate

Sankyo's signature quick response and big sound works perfectly with the added warmth of Gold.

By changing a headjoint's
            a) Design
            b) Material

the maker is able to vary

  • Articulation
  • Projection
  • Volume
  • Tone colour

The 10K gold lip plate and riser refine this silver headjoint presenting a tone of rare beauty
This 'FT model'  headjoint
is designed for an even sound quality accross the registers with a focus on lush upper register colours

Head joint
MaterialSterling silver tubing 10 Carrat Gold lip plate and riser Sankyo FT cut
Case cover
  • Brand: Sankyo
  • Product Code: Sankyo HJ 925-10K-10K
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • AU$3,200.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$2,909.09