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Nagahara 950PT50 Headjoint with Platinum riser

Pre-Order Nagahara 950PT50 Headjoint with Platinum riser

Nagahara 950PT50 tube head joint with platinum riser

Tube: 950PT50 (5% Platinum & 95% Silver Alloy)
Lip Plate: 925 Sterling Silver
Riser: Platinum

Based in Boston USA, Kanichi Nagahara and his team are internationally renowned for their precision engineering and fine crafting.
The platinum alloy tube married with a platinum Nagahara riser provides a full expressive tone with immediate response and incredible projection.

Take a very close look at the photograph to see the unique way Nagahara brings the riser of the headjoint up through the lip plate to present an uninterrupted platinum face to the blow wall and chimney

Head joint
Material950 Britania silver tube with 5% Platinum (950PT50 tube) Sterling silver lip plate Platinum 'Nagahara' Riser
Case cover
  • Brand: Nagahara
  • Product Code: Nagahara 950PT50-925-PT
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • AU$4,100.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$3,727.27

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