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Bulgheroni 401 - R - GS Cocuswood

Bulgheroni 401 - R - GS Cocuswood

Bulgheroni 401 Piccolo

Affordable introduction into the world of the highest level of piccolos.
Beautifully crafted in Como Italy from Cocuswood for a
Warm mellow tone across its range.

Model 401 denotes a silver plated mechanism
GS - denotes inclusion of the high G#/C mechanism

available with 'R' = reform wave head or standard headjoint .

Split E mechanismSplit E mechanism Plus high G#/C key
Head joint
Cut / DesignChoice of standard or wave (as available)
MaterialSilver plated
  • Brand: Bulgheroni
  • Product Code: Bulgheroni
  • Availability: In Stock
  • AU$8,300.00
  • Ex Tax: AU$7,545.45

Tags: Piccolo, Bulgheroni, Cocusa, Wood, Professional, Como, Handmade

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